How Much Should You Budget For Ordering Business Cards?

November 14, 2023 | By Scott Johnson | Filed in: Business.

Business cards remain a vital networking and marketing tool despite the digital age. How much you should spend on your cards depends on quantity, quality, and customization options. Here are some tips on budgeting for your ideal business card order:

Define Your Priorities

First consider your priorities. Do you want maximum cards for the lowest cost, premium quality, or fully customized designs? Lowest price wins with simple text-only cards on basic stock. For quality, upgrade paper and opt for extras like color, foil stamping or spot UV. Fully customized multi-color printing and unique shapes costs more.

Calculate Quantity

Metal Kards
Card cost typically declines the more you order at once. Expect steep discounts at 500+ quantities versus smaller orders under 250. Order conservatively for names that change frequently, liberally for stable contact info. For very short runs under 50 cards, greater customization may outweigh volume discounts.

Expect $40-$65 for 250 basic cards. 500 cards on premium paper with color printing and design accents like foil stamping can run $80-$120.

Upcharges Add Up

Expect to pay more for add-ons like thicker paper, gloss/matte finishes, color printing, and design effects. Spot UV or embossing adds $20+ to an order. Foil stamping may add $30-50. Die-cut shapes can increase cost by 55-85%.

If your logo requires custom color matching that adds expense too. Allow for potential extra postage with unusual sizes or shapes.

Economical Approaches

Pricing varies widely between print shops. Research affordable vendors like Vistaprint, GotPrint, Overnight Prints for basic cards. Use Coupon codes and look for sales around holidays.

For small batches under 50, DIY printing from your computer may be most economical. You can also save by keeping the design simple – black ink on white or ivory cards.

Splurge Items

Unique styles like metal business cards have high perceived value for premium branding. Metal Kards makes indestructible, luxe stainless steel cards starting around $85 for 10 cards. Worth it for exclusive contact lists.

Budgeting $100-150 for 250-500 professional quality cards with some custom design provides a polished look without breaking the bank. Know your must-haves before comparing print shop quotes for the best value. With savvy choices, creative business cards foster connections at reasonable rates.

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